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Power supply question for 3x EasyDriver

31 July 2015 - 12:10 AM

Recently, i decided to build a small desktop CNC machine. Mainly, because i have too much free time :D

The question i have is this:

I plan on using 3 of the EasyDriver stepper controllers, however, I'm unsure what is, and is not safe for these boards where power is concerned.

The product page says they are rated for:

  • Maximum Voltage: 30V
  • Maximum Current: 750mA/phase

My question, i suppose would be, what is a "safe" power supply to run 3 of these boards, as well as maintain longevity of the devices?
I.E. what voltage / amperage total would be recommended?

I was looking at a 24v 10amp supply, but perhaps the amperage is too high.

Thank you in advance for any thoughts, suggestions, or ideas.