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Notepad++ FAIL

Posted by Nathan House, 17 March 2012 · 2,659 views

I've used Notepad++ for several years now and have yet to find it's equal. Sure, there are full blown PHP IDEs available, but those are more advanced than what I need and are slow. Notepad++ is very lightweight and starts up almost instantly, has great syntax highlighting, and works for many different languages. In short, it's great. Today however, it failed, and it failed BAD.

The fail occured after I performed a WordPress update (which always suck for one reason or another..). The update had overwritten a file which I had code in, so I needed to copy the code from the old file to the new one. I opened up Notepad++ and copied it over, and the website was broken. I'm like, "ok, this happens with almost every update, I probably just made a little mistake. Nothing to worry about, right?" Unfortunately, it was not my mistake that screwed things up, it was Notepad++'s mistake! Arrrrg!

I spent probably half an hour messing around with the stupid php file, trying to figure out what the heck was going on, and it was driving me up the wall because even stuff like


$var = 'this is a var';

// test code

echo $var;


would not work! That's not the exact code I had, but you get the point: IT SHOULD HAVE WORKED!

So, after about half an hour of going nuts I finally copied something over to Notepad (the Microsoft one) and noticed that it looked like this

<?php$var = 'this is a var';// test codeecho $var;?>

Arrrg, what's going on?! For whatever reason, Notepad++ was displaying the code in the file "the right way," but it was really being stored all on one line. That is retarded, and I have no idea why it happened. I closed Notepad++, opened my file again, and sure enough, this time Notepad++ displayed it all on one line.

After copying my old code over again, the website started working.


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It's rather a PEBKAC problem IMHO.
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Lol, thanks for your comment, but I don't think so! I literally just copied and pasted, so there's really no possibility of user error.
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