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Tutorial authors and editors needed

Posted by Nathan House, in Tutorials 22 August 2013 · 2,702 views

FoxyTronics is all about education. One of my biggest motivations in starting FoxyTronics was to provide students and hobbyists with parts more inexpensively than other hobby stores, most of which dramatically mark up product prices. Another goal was to provide free tutorials to help people learn about electronics and robotics. Writing tutorials was something that I did long before starting FoxyTronics, back when my website was at www.roboticsguy.com, but now that I have a store selling components and kits I'm trying doubly hard to write tutorials that show how to use them.

If you have any interest in writing tutorials for the website, please shoot me an email at nathan.house at foxytronics.com. I would be happy to have your help!


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